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We are experienced tree care specialists, committed to providing Maui with the highest level of care and service to help improve the beauty and safety of your residential and commercial properties.  We offer a range of services including Tree Removal, Pruning, Stump Grinding, Root Excavation, Green Waste Removal, and More!

Maui’s Experienced Tree Specialist

Founded by ISA Arborist and seasoned climber, Chris Berquist, Aloha Tree LLC offers two decades of expert experience and skill on every job.  We are dedicated to using the industry’s most current methods and always striving to improve our company’s best practices.

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Pruning & Removal

Whether you just need a few limbs pruned off of your peach tree, or you would like to remove several large eucalyptus trees leaning over your house, we have what it takes to give you the best work for a reasonable price. With many pruning styles and options available, we suggest you schedule a consultation before making any major decisions.


Consultations are different from a bid.  A consultation is not to sell you work, but rather to inform you about your trees and to help you make decisions as to what to do with them in regards to pruning, planting, mulching, fertilizing, watering, insecticide, etc. If, because of the consultation, you would like a bid to complete the work, we would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate.  Consultations are not required for a bid.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding, and stump excavation.  Our stump grinder can fit thru gates, and is on tracks, so there are not many stumps we can’t get to.  We can leave the stump ground just below the surface (Surface Grind) or up to 10 inches below the surface (Foundation Grind)   If you would like to go a step further, in areas that permit, we can do a full stump excavation.  For that service, we bring in the Midi Excavator and dig out the whole stump.

Lot Clearing

Have a lot you need scraped or a forest you need removed?  We have the tools for the job!  Don’t let that mass of Waddles or Kiawe continue to take over your property.  Don’t let that stand of Eucalyptus keep you from building your dream house.  Call us today and let us clear your lot!

Emergency/Storm Damage

Woke up this morning to a tree across your driveway, or worse?  Have a broken or uprooted tree as a result of wind damage?  These are just a few examples of “Emergency Work”.  Because we care about our clients and at the end of the day, we’re all neighbors, we don’t charge anything extra for emergency services, and our phone is always on.  Day or night you can call us for our emergency services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, let us help!

Why is tree work so expensive?

Tree care is both equipment and skill intensive.  From saws and ropes, to chippers and trucks, there are no cheap tools in our trade.  Be it conferences, clinics, on the job learning, or the good old textbook (youtube these days) our craft is one honed by time and experience.  The wrong cut could send a tree through someone’s house, mis-judge a limb and you’ve just wrecked a tree fort or a deck. Short the time on training the new guy, and someone could get seriously injured, or worse.  The industry insurance policies are some of the most expensive in the skilled service bracket.  Everything that allows us to do our job has a maintenance schedule, a fuel bill, and/or a replacement date.  We provide our employees with good health care and un-employment insurance.  We pay our taxes.

Why are some companies so cheap compared to others?

Usually it’s a simple matter of paying liability insurance, equipment insurance, maintenance, taxes, health care, and a decent wage while operating good equipment.

Can you do a bid from some pics I send you?

Unfortunately, no.  Too often we miss the service wire, or fire hydrant, or the access isn’t what it appeared to be.  But no worries, our bids are free!

I’ve heard that if I cut the bark away, or use herbicide on the roots, that this would kill the tree. Is that an OK way to get rid of my tree?

No!  While it may kill the tree, it will promote die-back on the limbs which could result in falling limbs or trunk failure.  You would be making it less safe, and ultimately harder for removal in the future.

Can I save money by doing some of the work first?

Usually the home-owner doing some work first just creates more mess and potentially hazardous situations.  Once we have bid the job, (or any company for that matter) please, for your own safety, DO NOT attempt to do any of the work yourself.

Employment Opportunities

Looking for an exciting part time or full-time career in the world of trees?  First ask yourself a few questions to see if we’re a good fit for you.  Are you a prima donna?  Are you made of sugar?  Short tempered?  Have trouble communicating?  Mechanically challenged?  Always need money in-between paychecks?  Have trouble getting to work on time?  These are just some of the things that mean that this line of work just isn’t for you.

Do you have great team communication skills? Comfortable asking for help?  Have a good head for problem solving?  Experience running heavy equipment such as excavators or skidsteers? Prior Service Member? Good risk management and a tough as nails work ethic?  Ready to stay until the job’s done?  Previous experience working in the world of trees?  Send us an e-mail and a resume and let’s see what we can do together!

Our Happy Clients

“I was so impressed with how polite and professional these young men were.  I will be calling them again for any of my yard needs”

Donna Sneal

“I’ve had a lot of tree work done and this was the first time someone ever talked to me about the health and planning for my trees.  Now I feel like I’m making educated decisions for my property”

Mike Konch

“I’d have a beer with those guys”

Evan Williams

“I just want to thank you for making my trees look so good!  We can finally park in our driveway!”

Mrs. Hardy

“I was appreciative of Aloha Tree for being so professional.  After calling around, Chris was the only person who replied promptly and set up an estimate for the next day. His team showed up on time and did a great job!”

Ms Miller

Let’s Tackle Your Trees Together

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